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85 Inch Repairing Machine suppliers

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Large-size LCD & Display/TV Maintenance Polarizer Laminating M/C
The machine is used for laminating polarizer to various LCD and laminating process of other panel products (soft to hard).
It widely used in large-size LCD repairing and laminating process of various large-size glasses. Polarizer feeding methods: coil or sheet material.
Basic Parameter:
Input Power: AC220V 50-60Hz
Vacuum Processing: External vacuum
Rated Power: 2 KW
Pressure Adjusting: Precision pressure regulator valve
Working pressure: 0.4-0.8mpa
Controlling Program: LG PLC
Operating Interface: 7 inches touch screen
Method of Laminating: Rectilinear laminating with tearing at the same time
Available Size: Within 85 inches (can be customized)
Material of machine: Steel
Parameter storage: 500 sets
Static Elimination: High performance anti-static clubs
Weight of machine: 400 kg     
Dimension: L3000*W2000*H1200mm
1. Inspection lamp of foreign body is convenient to inspect the surface foreign body, making laminating and cleaning work at same time.
2. Group of leveraged pressure head can adjust the distance between pressure head and platform. Laminating roller is made by anti-static, high thickness and high fixable material to ensure that bubble-free in products.
3. Steel beam is used as braced frames of platform, which make it more flat and not deformation easily.
4. Design of vacuum area can provide different vacuum attached methods for different products.
5. The man-machine interface can set, store, indicate and recall all kinds of parameters.
6. Group of PET return material achieves laminating and receiving simultaneously, which avoid dust falling caused by PET tearing before laminating.
7. 4 guide rails are installed parallel and same direction with roller. Down force of roller, guide rails and platform will move together to ensure a holistic movement for laminating.
8. High performance anti-static clubs can eliminate static efficiently.
9. Slide rail and slider are used in guide mechanism that can ensure the guiding accuracy and improve the service life of sliders.
10. Group of locating rings can improve the laminating accuracy and avoid misalignment.85 Inch Repairing Machine suppliers

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