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Ice Machine for Lab for sale-躺着赚钱-牛人金融 联盟

Ice Machine for Lab for sale

linluxi 4月前 78

Product: 85kg Per Day Lab Use Commercial Ice Maker Professional IMS-85 for Sale
Model: IMS-85
Ice Making Capacity: 85kg/24h
Power: 480W/220V
Storage Capacity: 25kg
Product Dimension: 400×510×825mm
Water Supplier: Tap Water
Cooling Type: Fan Cooling
Refrigerant: R134a
Ice Shape: Irregular Crushed Ice
Certification: CE
Brand Name: Bzx or OEM,ODM

Applications: School lab, Medical lab, Chemical lab, Biology lab and other different areas’ labs
1.High grade stainless steel SUS304 is used which is anti-corrosive and durable. The compact structure is simple and space-saving.
2.World famous brand CFC free R134a compressors are used. Major parts and components have passed relevant safety certifications. The product has stable quality and long service life.
3.The ice-making process is fully computer controlled, using imported computer chips to make control reliable and operation easily.
4.Fully automatic control: with running indicater, ice full indicater, water shortage indicater and fault code display, etc. Will stop automatically in case of ice full or water shortage and start automatically when ice is not full or water supply is resumed.
5.There are power switch and function indicators deployed at the front with detailed instructions. They are easily perceived and available. The carious safety performannce indicators have passed electrical tests and therefore are safe and reliable.

Our IMS-series automatic flake ice makers are designed in cubic shape with the curved front panel and curved door (or stainless steel flat front panel and flat door) for nice appearance. Although they’re used in lab, the exterior also very important.Ice Machine for Lab for sale

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