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Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine manufacturer-香港鲸示-牛人金融 联盟

Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine manufacturer

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Equipment  manufacturers who require high volumes of processed tubes can gain added value  with steel tube cutter or laser tube cutting. Automated processing of 6-10m  lengths of raw stock on laser tube cutting equipment offers fast production  reduced machining costs and more efficient assembly. Laser tube cutting can  produce precise end cuts and hole profiles similar to 2D laser cutting.
Ⅰcutting capabilities
Stainless    Steel14mm
DIMENSIONAL    CAPACITYCircumradius    less than 110mm square and rectangular,oval, angle, channel,etc
Radius    less than 220 tubes and pipes
ⅡQuality Parts

Self-centering Collet Chuck
The collet chucks position and hold your tubes in    place without damaging the materials. The self-centering clamping system with    continuous sensor monitoring adapts to every tube geometry. This means you    benefit from high part precision.
A Constant View of the Machining Process
    With the large window, the machining process of automatic tube laser is perfectly visible. And it protects operator’s eyes at the same time.
Automatic Step Rollers
    The step rollers support the tubes while also    moving them sideways, and adjust automatically to various diameters. It is made of high quality nylon.
Germany PA8000 Control System
    The original imported control system is very    stable and reliable. With Acme design of panel surface, it is easy to face any direction that is convenient for the operator.
3.5 Meters Long Material Unloading Platform
Longer than 2.5 meters standard unloader, this is very effective for most tube loading. And if necessary, we can add another group of unloader.
No.  ItemParameter
1.        Maximum Travelling speed70m/min
2.        Laser wavelength1070-1080 nm
3.        Minimum cutting width0.2mm
4.        Rated output power10--100% (100W-1000W)
5.        X And Y axis positioning accuracy≤±0.03㎜
6.        Repeat positioning accuracy≤±0.02㎜
7.        Available cut pipe shapeRound tube, square tube, rectangular   tube
Oval tube, fan-shaped tube,angle   steel, channel steel and so on
8.        Acceleration1G
9.        Oiling systemsAutomatic oiling
10.     Tail(Waste) length200-250mm
11.     Effective length of cutting6000mm/8000mm/10000mm(customize   dorder acceptable)
12.     Size11*3.9*2.5m (Length * width *   height)
13.     Power 35KW
14.     G.W.10 Ton
15.     Power supply380v50Hz ±10%
16.     Red PositioningYes
17.     Auxiliary gasesOxygen, nitrogen, air
18.     Supported file formatsIGS (Available PRO/E. UG, Solid works Photo)
19.     Diameter 20mm-320mm (customized   order acceptable)
20.     Laser tracking systemAutomatic follow-up
Ⅴ Why fiber lasers?
Fiber lasers aren’t the only type  of laser on the market, and in fact they aren’t the most common either. You’ll  find that gas lasers, which most often use carbon dioxide or helium-neon as  their medium, are actually the most common; mainly as they have been around  much longer than Fiber Lasers.
All laser processes come with  their upsides and downsides, but it seems that the benefits of fiber lasers far  outweighs that of any of the other  processes. It’s the newest of  the laser processes, only really picking up a lot of traction in the  last couple of decades or so.
But the benefits that it  provides, which we’ll come on to below, have been quickly realized by those all  over the globe. Fiber lasers are now used as standard in dozens of industries around the world,  and they now help to create the phones that we use every day, the transport  that gets us around, and the medical care that we rely on so often.
That’s probably one of the  biggest advantages to fiber lasers that makes them so attractive; the fact that  they can so easily and seamlessly adapt between industries for a huge range of  applications.
Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine manufacturer

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